Are you fascinated by the tech industry? Is a technical degree stopping you from pursuing your dream career? Want to know how to get started without a tech degree? 

Great news! The internet has revolutionized learning, providing incredible opportunities to acquire technical skills. Gone are the days when a formal degree was the sole pathway to success. Today, through various online platforms, you can equip yourself with in-demand tech skills, gain practical knowledge, and even secure high-paying tech jobs without a technical degree. 

In this article, let’s explore the best online platforms for tech skills for non-technical professionals. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and professional growth!

5 Lesser Known Online Platforms for Tech Skills 

1. Udacity 

if you are a fresher in the tech field and want to explore courses and skills, this is the place for you. Learn from scratch and develop skills that can bring you high-paying tech jobs. Udacity’s courses are in-depth and covered in 30 days to 4 months. You choose courses as per your level of understanding (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

Check out Udacity for courses in all these tech fields:

And many more

2. Coursera

This is one of the best online platforms for tech skills. Coursera also offers certification and degree courses from world-class colleges and businesses. They’re working with some of the most prominent names in the industry, including IBM, Google, and the University of Michigan.

This platform has quizzes and hands-on projects throughout the course materials, allowing you to put what you’ve learned into practice. Their course categories include:

3. Cloud Academy 

Do you aspire to be a cloud engineer or a cloud architect? Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing and cloud migrations through Cloud Academy’s insightful courses. Their Hands-on Labs technology allows students and young professionals to build cloud environments, experiment with skills and enhance knowledge with the platform; without any extra costs! 

Prominent Certifications Courses

4. DataCamp

With the best instructors, interactive sessions, and live projects, launch your career as a programmer, data analyst, AI engineer, and many career options. DataCamp provides certification courses for beginners as well as for tech professionals advancing their careers. Their monthly packages start from. $12

Master Demanding Skills like

5. Cybrary

Don’t miss out on any latest advancements in cybersecurity. Explore the wide range of courses available at Cybrary. Learn fundamentals of cybersecurity through on-demand courses taught by industry experts. Implement your learnings into practice labs and skill assessments. Gain certification at the end of the courses. 

Apart from these, you can find your ideal skill courses at Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. It’s crucial to choose a course that suits your learning style and can contribute to your skill sets. Learning and acquiring the latest certifications and skill sets makes you stand out from the crowd. The courses provided by the above online platforms are beneficial for your tech career. 

Top 3 Resource Platforms for Your Tech Portfolio

 An impressive tech portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and expertise to potential employers. Let’s understand the top three resource platforms to help you craft a remarkable tech portfolio. These platforms are easy to use and offer various tools and features to make your portfolio stand out. 


GitHub is a popular resource platform that serves as a hub for developers worldwide. It’s a fantastic place to showcase your coding projects and collaborate with others. You can easily share your projects with potential employers and colleagues, allowing them to see your work. 


If you’re a designer, Behance is an excellent resource platform to present your creative tech projects. Behance allows you to create an online portfolio with stunning visuals, presenting your designs in a visually appealing and professional manner. Behance has a vast community of creative professionals, increasing the chances of networking and reaching out to potential employers or clients.


Dribbble’s community comprises designers from various backgrounds and industries, creating opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and feedback. Dribbble encourages designers to share their design process, providing valuable insights into how you approach projects and solve design challenges. Many employers and companies actively search for talent on Dribbble, making it an excellent platform to get noticed and potentially land exciting job opportunities.


Completing courses through these online platforms for tech skills can open doors to lucrative tech jobs, even without a technical degree. The tech industry values practical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and a passion for learning. By showcasing your newly acquired skills through projects and portfolios, you can demonstrate your proficiency to potential employers. Many tech companies now prioritize skills and experience over formal degrees, recognizing the immense potential of self-taught individuals who have honed their abilities through dedicated online learning.

So, whether you’re an aspiring tech enthusiast looking to switch careers or a curious individual seeking to enhance your skill set, these online platforms provide the stepping stones to a successful tech career. Don’t let a lack of technical credentials hold you back—embrace the world of online learning, ignite your potential, and unlock a wealth of exciting opportunities in the vast realm of technology. Your journey awaits! Do consider reading our other tech articles.